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About us

  Yanshi kay wire co., LTD(The original yanshi flash star wire factory)Was established1989Years,Located in the henan yanshi gu county town of fundus industrial zone310National highway706Km。After many years of hard work and development,Has a certain size and strength,Mainly engaged in anaerobic、Low oxygen copper rod、Copper wire and other various types of copper wire production and processing and sales,The annual comprehensive production capacity of3Thousands of tons,Is currently one of the focuses of yanshi private copper processing enterprises。   Over the years,I companies adhering to the good faith as the core management idea,Based on the industry、Focus on structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading,Enterprise comprehensive strength has been increasing。In the fierce market competition always remain competitive in an orderly way,To reach the company quickly、Steady development。   In recent years my company with national several large copper processing enterprises and various non-ferrous metal research institute cooperation and exchanges,The company product quality positioning reached new heights。Company products have been sold at home and abroad,The main supply wire and cable、Electromagnetic wire co., LTD、Transformer company and electric cabinet, etc。   The main products are now:Without oxygenΦ12.5mmCopper rod、Φ8.0mmCopper rod、Φ3.0mCopper wire、Copper monofilament and low oxygenΦ8.0mmCopper rod、Φ3.0mCopper wire、Copper monofilament, etc series products。   In recent years the company to the scientific research equipment and parts Technology upgrading,Have high technical talents30People。Greatly improve the technical level of the company。   The company since its establishment,Based on all the time“Quality,Credibility***”The principle of。For years to come,The company was awarded“Credit units”“Credit enterprise”,“Civilized unit”,Such as honor。The chairman is evaluated many times the labor model and the municipal people's representative。   In the process of the development of the future,The company will keep up with the development of country,Keep pace with The Times,Constantly improve themselves,Development innovation。With a better product、Perfect service to meet the needs of the customers。


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